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Today our friend SP gave us a great gift! We have always wanted a greatest hits show but that would take so much time to put together that it is almost impossible. Enter our friend SP who shouldered the task. For weeks and possibly months he combed through the first…
Published on: 2024-07-15
This was our last time to this site and we had tons of fun. We just wish security wouldn't have rushed us out of here! A nice brisk early am explore…   full blog post with most of the pictures from this explore! https://www.decadesofdecay.com/urban-exploration/abandoned-parchment-papermill-april-2024-the-kalamazoo-vegetable-parchment-company-kvp/   Just a quick walk-thru of…
Published on: 2024-07-12
Source: expansive
Warehouse 13 Fancast Lead Agent Shannon loves her zombies and Agent Carolyn loves her food trucks while Janitor SP is worried about the mole on this face – thanks Sallah. The Agents review and rewatch the Warehouse 13 season 3 tenth episode S3E10 "Insatiable." The Agents review the episode, enjoy…
Published on: 2024-07-11
Source: Arties Attic
This week we were out and Abby took up the mantle and decided that will not stand – so she read you guys a story. It is awesome!…
Published on: 2024-07-10
This week we’re talking about the first three episodes of season 2: “Get ‘Em Focused,” “Skill vs. Will,” and “Set the Tone.” The Bulldogs have played a perfect season, but success has led to distractions off the ice. Simply put, the boys are wearing themselves out with the ladies. Shoresy…
Published on: 2024-07-10
Source: legends

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80s Cheese Movie Review

Two old men and a GenZ review our favorite horrible cheesy movies from the 80s!
Hosts: Jake, La and Sean

Decades of Decay

Beef Urban Exploration hobby its Fallout meets David Attenborough! Check out his YouTube channel as well!
Hosts: Beef

Hawk's Eye Guns

We love to shoot for sport, collect, rescue, and repair guns.
Hosts: Jake and Sean

Legends Podcast

We discuss Entertainment Legends, and Legendary Entertainment. Cult, Classic, New, Old, Original, Sequels...
Hosts: Beef and Lobster

Sensual South

We are here to try and give down to earth advice and help others find joy in the lifestyle.
Hosts: Charlie and Ken

West World Weekly

A Podcast dealing with HBO's WestWorld and General AI revolt!
Hosts: Beef, Lobster, and Will

Warehouse 13 - Atrie's Attic

Artie's Attic is a fan podcast about SyFy's Warehouse 13 television show.
Hosts: Carolyn, Shannon, and Stargate Pioneer

Wholesome Addiction

We talk porn, erotica & sex with your hosts and sometimes guests and no side of guilt.
Hosts: Abby, Beef, Jake, and Sean