Podcast Summeries

80s Cheese Movie Review

Welcome back to the 80s, hair was teased, the internet wasn’t a thing, and phones had cords and were mounted to the wall. Join us as two old men and a GenZ review our favorite horrible cheesy movies from the decade that brought you breakdancing and Max Headroom and New Coke!
Hosts: Kayla, Jake, and Sean

Expansive OPA / Decades of Decay

A rewatch and recap podcast dedicated to the sci fi show The Expanse
It is also the audio tour channel for the website Decades of Decay which follows Beef's Urban Exploration Hobby.

Gentleman's Soapbox

If you’ve come looking for intelligent, non-tangential, nuanced, well-informed, journalistic discussion… You’ve come to the wrong place. However, if you’re interested in the rambling musings on current events, social issues, and politics of two middle-aged men, then boy do we have the show for you.
Hosts: Sean and Jake

Hawk's Eye Guns

Here at Hawk's Eye we try and encourage and celebrate the joy of shooting. We love to shoot for sport, collect, rescue, and repair guns and bring you along for the ride. We talk old, new, and everything in between. What you won't find here is the tight shirt, camo crowd - we just talk firearms.

Legends Podcast

Here we discuss Entertainment Legends, and Legendary entertainment. Cult, Classic, New, Old, Original, Sequels, Reboot, Remake, Web, TV, Comic, Video Games and more, for better or worse. Come listen to a rotating cast of hosts (including some special guests) as we comment on our favorite entertainment.

Sensual South

Married couple who have been in the lifestyle longer than they have been married. We are here to try and give down to earth advice and help others find joy in the lifestyle. We are not doctors. Hell we don't even play them on TV, but we know how to have fun and explore. Join us for our adventures and you might just learn something that makes your life a little more sensual.

Strange New Worlds Fancast

Welcome to the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Fancast. We can't wait to talk about this series and geekout about the upcoming awesome that we think SNW has in store for us. Join your hosts Jake, Sean, and Shannon as they discuss their favorite theories, scenes, and characters from the show!

West World Weekly

A Podcast dealing with HBO's WestWorld and General AI revolt!

Warehouse 13 - Artie's Attic

Three friends from across the United States discuss the 2009 Syfy series Warehouse 13. Each show reviews an episode of the series, analyzes the artifacts, describes the history, and watches as the lives of the Agents unfold.

Wholesome Addiction

We are Wholesome Addiction! The only sexual entertainment show where three middle-aged men talk about “stuff” and “things” for an hour and change… also there’s: porn, pics, erotica, and sexual-news which is much more interesting than whatever it is we babble on about unsupervised. So welcome to the show that’s proud to be that s#@! you auto-hide at work!