Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Lone Wolf Podcast Network?

A: We are a largely a collection of shows that are independently produced, and honestly, don’t really fit in a traditional podcast network slot for one reason of another. 

Q: Wait, you’re called ‘Lone Wolf’ but you’re inclusive? Explain please.

A: That part is simple. We welcome those independent producers and podcasts that ‘lone wolf it’ or go it alone because of their subject matter and/or their un-willingness to jump through all the hoops of a traditional network. 

Q: Who is running this thing?

A: That would be Sean. He’s been casting, producing, or serving as editor/tech on roughly a dozen casts for 15 years (since 2006). Hit him up with questions: He’s more than happy to talk with you about it.

Q: Let’s just say I wanted to be listed, what do I do?

A: Ask Sean, he’ll fix you up:

Q: What’s wrong with other networks?

A: Absolutely nothing, they are great! Some creators aren’t into the “required promo’s”, “mandatory intro’s”, and “signage” or have a show about content that doesn’t fit with most networks. We’d rather concentrate on making our shows the best they can be and putting our time into that. The way we look at it, if you’d like to collaborate with other ‘casts or hosts on the network, great! 

It’s not required or forced however – we don’t DO that.