Sean O'Hara


Kayla is the newest member of the Lone Wolf podcasting network in that she has been on the planet for the shortest amount of time. Being the eldest daughter of Sean she got roped into doing a podcast with him. It was only a matter of time.


Shannon has been an avid a Sci-Fi chick since she can remember. She started off a Star Trek Next Gen girl and graduated to X-files and anything she could get her hands on after that. When we asked her to do ‘Voices of Defiance’ for SyFy’s hit show Defiance she nearly knocked us over to …

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Nightwing A.K.A. ‘Wing’ or ‘The Frenchman’ as he is often known, is honestly one of the most giving and genuine people in the ‘casting world. He created and Legends Podcast, helped to found the GonnaGeek podcast network, and helped many would-be podcasters to realize their first casts. He is known for his good nature and …

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Beef is a Wisconsin Man of Mystery. He pocesses the unique abillty to grab females’ attention at a distance of 50 yards. He’s THAT good-looking, we aren’t kidding. He also does a show or two on occasion. Okay, let us re-phrase that, he is one of the hardest working producers on the Lone Wolf network. …

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